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    Sea View Wedding Venue - EnKipo Sea View Wedding Venue - EnKipo

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    In 1990, in the picturesque landscape of Chania, Crete, a love story unfolds between two people and, a few years later, between them with nature and the art of floriculture. Meet Thrasyvoulos and Eleni Bolakis, husband and wife in life and co-founders of Sea View by En Kipo.
    It all started in 1995, when Thrasyvoulos embarked on his journey in the art of Floriculture, fueled by a genuine passion for nature. Over the next eight years, he dedicated himself to planning and shaping gardens. In 2003, he realised his vision by establishing “En Kipo” nursery in Chania, Crete. A haven boasting a diverse array of rare plants, flowers, gardening supplies, tools, and outdoor decorations, becoming a sanctuary for those in tune with nature. As the nursery flourished, attention naturally shifted towards the art of flower arrangement and decoration. Under the leadership of Eleni, the establishment seamlessly transformed into a flourishing flower business, embracing a new chapter in its evolution.
    Despite her background in IT, she found herself captivated by the allure of flowers and floral arrangements, discovering her true passion. In 2005, she took her first steps into the enchanting world of floral art and decoration by attending courses in Aalsmeer, Holland. Since then, her journey through the magical realm of flowers has been marked by continuous learning, including seminars, exhibitions, and festivals. Notably, she participated in a floristry masterclass in Antwerp, Belgium, in February 2023, and showcased her work at a floristry festival in Hoogstraten, Belgium, in September 2023.
    Eleni stays abreast of the latest trends, colors, and innovative styling and decoration ideas in the field by actively participating in international, specialized events, exhibitions, seminars, and workshops. This commitment ensures that she can achieve the utmost aesthetic excellence for every occasion, always tailoring her approach to the unique preferences and style of each client.

    How it all started...

    The shared passion for wedding decoration between Thrasyvoulos and Eleni sparked the inspiration to discover a space as enchanting as the love stories framed by the charm of flowers on a special wedding day. Their quest led them to a hill in the Stalos area of Chania, boasting a panoramic view of the sea and an expansive horizon – the perfect setting to bring their vision to life.
    Through careful planning, attention to detail, and the infusion of their personal touches, the space underwent a remarkable transformation into the lush Sea View by En Kipo. The venue now serves as a canvas where couples’ dreams are given life and flourish amidst the enchanting natural landscape. Today, the entire team at Sea View by En Kipo is dedicated to ensuring that your love story becomes another captivating chapter within its fairytale-like surroundings, against the breathtaking backdrop of the sunset.

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    Sea View Wedding Venue - EnKipo

    Lena Bolaki

    Sea View Wedding Venue - EnKipo

    Thrasivoulos Bolakis

    Sea View Wedding Venue - EnKipo

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